Opinions Wanted!!!

Keeping up with the daily politics of our government has been a let down for a large majority of what I have seen.

From s—hole comments, to preference of immigrants, and many other happenings that have been swept under the rug.

Get this:

According to “Now This” there are nerve gas pesticides within much of the food we consume on a daily basis.. Deadly, toxic gas that was used during the WWII era is in food we consume. Now, this is 2018. Wouldn’t you expect that we would live in a world where our food and water is safe to consume? Wouldn’t you assume that people wouldn’t make racially charged statements?

Answer me this:

People are having a debate over whether the President of the United States is racist. Isn’t it at least possible that he is, despite being the president, because so many people are calling it out? Is he a racist?

And on a less argumentative note, should we be having these dangerous pesticides (aka NERVE GAS) in our food and drinking water?

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