Mark Cuban 2020

In a recent interview on CNN, Mark Cuban expressed potentially running for office. He talked about the effectiveness of having a real solution and that debating on the same stage as Mr. Trump would not be a big deal. Mr. Cuban would want to take an approach of having real solutions versus fighting to convince people on unclear plans. He feels families have not been seeing the promises Trump made. He feels that there is still high stress in this group as well as unfair treatment regarding economics. He is worried only about his family and their potential experi

In addition, according to Mr. Cuban, as long as insurance is involved in the process in making people healthier and better, it will simply not be efficient nor work for the masses in the long run. Finally, regarding taxes, Mr. Cuban would rather get prior commitment from the Russel 2000 and big companies that they would come home provided tax cuts rather than just going ahead with slashes to corporate tax rates.